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The Member Playlist on Spotify


Last week we asked Museum members to submit songs for a member-curated playlist and they delivered with some incredible song choices! Thank you to everyone who participated in the first edition of the Member Playlist now available on Spotify.

To learn more about Membership at the GRAMMY Museum, including levels and benefit, please visit our Membership page.

We’ll be updating the playlist with more of their choices every two weeks, so please check back often. This week’s songs were chosen by the following Members:

  1. “Heal the World”, Michael Jackson – Submitted by: John Branca
  2. “Millenial Love” , Scarypoolparty – Submitted by: Jaime Mariscal
  3. “Papa Gene’s Blues”, the Monkees – Submitted by: Craig Harzman

“For the past few days, I’ve had “Papa Gene’s Blues” by the Monkees playing each day, both in my head and on iTunes. I brought my two boys to see An Evening with Michael Nesmith at the GRAMMY Museum a few months ago, and I’m very hopeful to take them to see The Mike & Micky Show this summer.”

  1. “Dancing by Myself”, Billy Idol – Submitted by: Susan Holt
  2. “Moonlight Motel”, Bruce Springsteen – Submitted by: Peter Rustin

“A meditation on loss and its contrast with the idyll of the past”.

  1. “Heroes”, Peter Gabriel – Submitted by: Joanne Peressini

“Thinking of all my nurse friends & family members right there in the trenches”

  1. “Silver Ashes”, Dilana – Submitted by: Kathleen Boyd

“I’m listening to this song because Dilana is my favorite artist and this song is about missing someone special. During this time of isolation, I just miss my mother so much. She is in her 80’s and not in great health. She is in early stages of dementia and I pray that she remembers me by the time this COVID-19 pandemic is over”.

  1. “Here’s Where the Story Ends”, The Sundays – Submitted by: Edward Petlak

“A deceptively comforting song, the lead vocals are honest about the world around her. Still sounds great after 30 years”.

  1. “On”, BTS – Submitted by: Abigail Umoh

“In the words of Namjoon “Music transcends languages.” Music is a universal language that we all can appreciate and feel the healing effects of it”.

  1. “Lady”, Kenny Rogers – Submitted by: Betty Baney

“Love the song and was played at my daughter’s awards given for girls Basketball team at San Gabriel High School”.

  1. “Deleter”, Grouplove – Submitted by: Matt Harding

“A new upbeat-sounding song with darker undertones- classic Grouplove! I’ve been listening nonstop since they released it”.             

  1. “Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk”, Rufus Wainwright – Submitted by: Martin Casella
  2. “Black River”, Amos Lee – Submitted by: Conny Goodreau

“The spirit of this song is so beautiful, soul soothing especially this live version. Close your eyes and let his amazing voice speak right to you”.

  1. “Love in the Underground”, Bandits on the Run – Submitted by: Bess Petlak

“I first heard this song on 88.5 FM station here in LA, great harmonies”.

  1. “Amazing Grace”, the Groove Bastards – Submitted by: Jeffrey Kerezman

“For peace & blessings to the victims of the pandemic”.