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Grammy Camp



GRAMMY Camp Applications for 2024 are now closed.
The 2025 application will be live in August.

Check out GRAMMY Camp 2023 here!

GRAMMY Camp is a 7-day non-residential music industry program for high school students interested in careers in music that takes place every July in Los Angeles. Students from across the country apply for one of seven career tracks. GRAMMY Camp faculty of music professionals, as well as guest professionals, provide valuable insight to give campers the best chance at achieving success in their chosen career.

The GRAMMY Camp Application is a multi-step process:

  1. Complete the initial application (contact information, school information, career track, etc.)
  2. Submit your audition materials. Once you submit the initial application, you will receive a confirmation email that directs you to complete audition materials. Here you will include your video essay and career track requirements. This form is also located on your Dashboard in CampMinder under the “forms” tab once you fill out the initial application.
  • Please Note: financial aid forms are available as part of the application process, and all campers must reside with a parent or guardian approved by the GRAMMY Museum Foundation.

All applicants must submit a short video essay explaining what you hope to gain by participating in GRAMMY Camp. Some possible questions to address can include why you want to attend GRAMMY Camp; how you will benefit if accepted; your long-term career goal(s) in the music industry; and some influences in your preferred career track. Be concise. Be creative. Be yourself!

For information on GRAMMY Camp sponsorship opportunities, please contact

To support the GRAMMY Camp Scholarship Fund, which provides partial or full scholarships to cover the cost of tuition for accepted GRAMMY Camp students in need, donate here.



Check out all of the possible career tracks below and the audition requirements for each:

Audio Engineering

Campers will receive comprehensive instruction on recording techniques, including mic technique, signal flow, and sonic shaping both in studio and live applications. Campers will also learn aspects of traditional music production and budgeting as applied to today’s rapidly changing industry. Students should have at least a rudimentary understanding of recording equipment and be familiar with basic audio terminology (i.e. microphone, compression, reverb, etc.).


Submit two music and/or video selections as MP3s YouTube or SoundCloud links of projects you have recorded and/or mixed either in a recording or live performance setting. You must provide a brief yet detailed description of what you did and how you did it for each selection (i.e. recorded, mixed, equipment used, location, etc.).

Electronic Music Production

This Career Track is open to students that want to move their music creation and production skills to a more advanced level. Participants will learn state-of-the-art methods of programming, editing, sampling, and mixing on digital audio work stations to help further develop their original compositions. This Career Track will also expose Campers to cutting-edge techniques in digital music production, remixing and sound manipulation.


Two examples in MP3 format of music you have created using computer-based platforms (with or without the addition of live instruments). You must provide a brief yet detailed description of what you did and how you did it for each selection (i.e. recorded, mixed, equipment used, location, etc.).


Aspiring songwriters will sharpen the skills of their craft while exploring song structure, harmony, melody, lyric writing, and (where applicable) vocal technique. This track will also provide Campers with the opportunity to collaborate with a band, singers, and other songwriters. They will also gain valuable insight on sound business practices including effective marketing. This Career Track does not require you to be a singer. However, you should have a rudimentary understanding of music theory, and having some keyboard or guitar performance abilities is highly recommended.


Video of you or someone else singing two of your original compositions. If someone else is performing you must make an on-camera introduction of each song and the performer(s). All songs must be written solely by you. Please upload your video to YouTube and submit your link(s). You are encouraged to submit lyric sheets with your songs and/or put the lyrics in the YouTube description.

Performance - Vocal

The Vocal Performance track is primarily for singers who desire to pursue an artist path in the music industry and/or wish to work as professional vocalists in some capacity (session singer, background vocalist, etc.) If you are a singer/songwriter you should also consider applying for the Songwriting track. Campers will spend their time learning about the many different aspects of a vocalist that must be developed in order to have a successful, sustainable career in the industry, taking the vocalist beyond simply singing well and diving deeply into other essential skills. These include caring for and protecting the voice, developing better relational skills for collaboration, overcoming performance anxiety, increasing business savvy, and identifying ways to up-level musicianship. This track provides Campers with the opportunity to collaborate with the instrumental combos as well as create original material with the songwriting track.


Video of you singing two songs of differing styles and/or tempos in the following genres – pop, country, R&B, rock, soul, hip hop, gospel, etc. One jazz selection is fine but please do not submit musical theater or classical songs. Announce the title and artist who originally performed the song before you sing each song. Performance with live or recorded accompaniment is preferred. Please upload your video to YouTube and submit your link(s).You are encouraged to submit lyric sheets with your songs and/or put the lyrics in the YouTube description.

Music & Media

Campers will learn how music relates to and influences media through visual and written storytelling across traditional and digital outlets. Hands-on learning of different mediums, platforms, and techniques, emphasizing current video production, social media, and multi-media pipelines with state-of-the-art technology. They will create a short-form project, telling the story of GRAMMY Camp while learning the entire production process from inception to delivery. This includes storytelling, pre-production best practices (writing, planning, storyboarding, and scheduling), comprehensive production techniques (camera, lighting, interview techniques, and sound recording), and current post-production solutions (editing, motion graphics, color correction, and delivery). Campers will also learn firsthand how to collaborate with other songwriters, musicians, and stakeholders to create a finished product.


Submit two projects you have created (video, written, or social media) that relate to music somehow. It does NOT have to be a music video. You must provide a brief but detailed description of what you did on each project and how you did it (e.g., performer, producer, director, writer, editor, camera operator, sound mixer, animator, etc.) Also, list what equipment and software you used to create it. Please upload your video to YouTube and submit your link(s).

Music business

There are many careers in music that make the success of an artist possible. This Career Track will explore the inner-workings of the music business including: marketing, management, touring, concert production, publicity, entertainment law, and entrepreneurship in this ever-changing industry. Students should have a passion for exploring the non-performance roles on an artist’s team and a basic knowledge of the current music industry.


Please submit a brief (2-6 sentences) written response to each of the following:

―Pick an artist that you would like to work with. Describe what role you’d like to play on their team (management, PR, marketing, live event production, legal, etc…) and how you would approach that position.

―Pick a person, a music company, and/or a website that you feel has had an impact on the music industry and explain how.

Please upload answers to these two prompts. Video response submissions are also allowed, but answers should be prepared and recited (no rambling responses).

Performance - instrumental

Musicians will study, rehearse, and perform in multiple settings including live events and studio sessions while also learning practical paths to a successful career as a musician. 


You may perform with a band (as long as you are featured), or with recorded accompaniment. You may perform unaccompanied; however, It is preferred that you perform with accompaniment. Please also demonstrate your abilities both soling and comping. 



You may perform unaccompanied, with a band (as long as you are featured), or with recorded accompaniment. Original compositions and improvisation are also acceptable. Please list any doubles that you play. 

Instrumental Submission Requirements 

Submit video of you performing two musical styles chosen from the following: 

  • Rock 
  • Pop 
  • Jazz 
  • Latin 
  • R&B 
  • Blues 

Please upload your videos to YouTube and submit your link(s) to the application form. 

Please make sure if you are uploading video to YouTube and want only the GRAMMY Camp selection committee to see your video, that your video is marked “unlisted” and NOT “private.” If your video is marked “private” our screeners will not be able to view the video. If this is the case, we will attempt to contact you to correct it, but it may put your application and eligibility in jeopardy.


GRAMMY Camp Los Angeles (non-residential) will be held IN-PERSON Sunday, July 14 – Saturday, July 20, 2024.

All GRAMMY Campers will need to figure out their own housing and transportation if selected for GRAMMY Camp.

No. Campers must reside with a parent/guardian or with an adult approved by the GRAMMY Museum.

No. Campers must reside with a parent/guardian or with an adult approved by the GRAMMY Museum.

To be eligible, you must be a U.S. resident currently enrolled in grades 9–12 (public, private, parochial, home school, etc.). If you are graduating from high school in the spring, you are eligible to apply. However, incoming freshman are not eligible.

  • Forum discussions, Workshops, Clinics, Panels, and Master Classes with Top Industry Professionals
  • Individual and small group instruction
  • Interactivity between various Career Tracks
  • Media, performance and recording projects
  • Music business best practices: How to make a living in the music business

Campers typically begin their day with instruction in their specified career track. In the afternoon, they continue instruction, but also have time to collaborate with Campers on various creative projects, within and outside of their tracks.

This track combines the Concert Production and Marketing & Management career tracks. Students should have a passion for exploring the non-performance roles on an artist’s team and the current music industry.

While experience varies from Camper to Camper, we encourage anyone seriously interested in music as a career to apply.

Approximately 75-85 students are selected for GRAMMY Camp in Los Angeles, and that number is split into the various career tracks offered at Camp.

GRAMMY Camp tuition is $1800 per student for the week-long nonresidential program. This tuition covers the cost of facilities, curriculum, and lunch that is provided each day. We do offer scholarships to cover this tuition cost if eligible.

Need–based financial assistance is available and interested applicants must complete the Financial Assistance Form in addition to completing all other application materials. We encourage everyone who is interested in GRAMMY Camp to apply, regardless of your financial situation. Over the past few years, over 70% of those who have applied for financial aid have received some form of assistance, in the form of either a partial or full scholarship.

Yes, there is a one–time $25 application fee for GRAMMY Camp. Please note – even if you are applying for more than one session, career track, or field, you only need to pay the $25 fee once. You may either pay by credit card when you submit your online application, or mail a check or money order in with your audition materials made payable to the GRAMMY Museum Foundation. *Please note this application fee is non-refundable even if you decide not to complete the application.

No, for each Career Track you apply for, there are specific requirements that you must also submit. See the Audition tab for more information.

The deadline to apply for GRAMMY Camp is March 31 and all materials should be received by the GRAMMY Museum on or before that date. Should you need additional time, please email us to request an extension.

We will contact selected campers in early May.

Camp will have a full complement of GRAMMY Museum staff who will be on–site with Campers during their days at GRAMMY Camp.


With the help of your generous support, we can continue to share the gift of music.