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Campaign for Music Education

Campaign For

Music Education

The GRAMMY Museum's goal is to eliminate the financial burden to access music education and foster the next generation of music's creators and leaders. The funds raised through the Campaign For Music Education double the number of students who have access to the Museums' galleries each year, and would expand our education and community programs which have served more than 477,000 students.

The Campaign would fund:
• Free admission to the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles for students and children under the age of 18!
• GRAMMY Camp scholarships for students from throughout the United States.
• Sustainable funding for the GRAMMY Museum’s GRAMMY in the Schools nationwide music education programs.
• Sustainable funding for the Quinn Coleman Scholarship Fund, providing internships and scholarships for up-and-coming Black music creators and executives.

Please join our fellow Co-Chairs during this Campaign to bring music education to the next generation of music makers. Thank you for your thoughtful and generous support!


“I was able to visit the Grammy Museum a lot when I was growing up. We saw so many amazing artists perform that I never would’ve been able to see otherwise. I love the exhibits and the whole experience. I am excited to help kids who are the same age as I was to have free access to this magical place and all that it has to offer In music education and experiences.”


“Bruno love the kids”


“Access to music education has the power to not only shape music’s next generation, but also provides a creative outlet that is crucial to a child’s development. It gives students the opportunity to excel creatively, as well as in their academic performance beyond music. I am eternally grateful to the music educators that touched my life, they were my foundation to creating this incredible journey I am on. I’m proud to be co-chair of the GRAMMY Museum’s Campaign For Music Education in their work to democratize and expand their education and community programs.”


“Music is such an important form of art and communication there’s not even a single day I don’t feel grateful that I could study music since I was 9 years old. I wouldn’t be who I am if I couldn’t grow up being a musician as I did. I feel that music makes the world a warmer place. Everyone deserves the opportunity to have access to music education. Being a part of this campaign is important to me because now kids of all different backgrounds will be able to learn in a supportive environment.”


“I am so excited to chair this campaign alongside Billie, Dua, Bruno, and Rosalía. Music education should be available to everyone so I am honoured to be a part of spreading the GRAMMY Museum’s reach and cultivating music’s next generation.”


Campaign for Music Education


For other ways to donate or for wire instructions, please contact


Please make checks payable to the GRAMMY Museum, and include the Campaign for Music Education in the notes section or in the letter with your donation. Be sure to include your contact information and mail to:

800. W Olympic Blvd. Ste A245
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Attn: Campaign for Music Education