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The Member Playlist – 5th Edition


Curated by members of the GRAMMY Museum, the fifth edition of the Member Playlist is now available on Spotify. Thank you to everyone who helped put this week’s list together!

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We’re updating the playlist bi-monthly, so please continue to check back! This week’s songs were chosen by the following Members:

  1. “Lampshade On”, Dustbowl Revival – Submitted by: Bess Petlak

“I first heard their music over the loudspeaker at McCabe’s before a concert started & I literally said “who the heck is that?”!”

  1. “Dream On”, Aerosmith – Submitted by: Karen St. Claire

“Dream On is a song of such great inspiration. Very moving and a reminder to “Dream On… Dream until Your Dream Comes True!” The message carries the truth of our soul nature, which edges us on, while reminding us to stay focused on gaining the ultimate in life.”

  1. “Strawberry Fields”, The Beatles – Submitted by: Rico Topazio
  2. “Mr. Wrong”, Sade – Submitted by: Les Green

“From its beginning and ending scat harmonies to its jazzy cautionary warning to a young girl about a certain type of guy. It’s the reason Sade is the patron saint of cool.” 

  1. “I Like Dreamin’”, Kenny Nolan – Submitted by: Robert Paris
  2. “Süpürgesi Yoncadan”, Altin Gün – Submitted by: John Rico

“This band opened my ears and heart to a whole new dimension of music. The album, Gece, was an instant favorite of mine. Then I saw them live and I achieved musical nirvana! This is the closing song of their live show. I ended up seeing them 5 times in 2 months. Can’t wait until all this “stay at home” is over and I will be able to see them return to the USA! Oh yeah, they received a GRAMMY nomination for Best World Music!”

  1. “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to be Free”, Nina Simone – Submitted by: Sandy Schuckett
  2. “Goodbye Year, Goodbye”, X – Submitted by: Peter Rustin

“This song is a perfect theme for the pandemic and an energetic return to form for the mighty X, Los Angeles’ best and longest lasting band.” 

  1. “Back to Black”, Amy Winehouse – Submitted by: Jess Wren
  2. “Beneath the Skin”, Scarypoolparty – Submitted by: Jaime Mariscal

“When I first heard it, I could not believe someone had created a piece like this that integrates some great piano playing and runs with a rock band sound. This is a masterpiece in my opinion.”

  1. “No More Tragedy”, Dona Maria – Submitted by: Dona Maria
  2. “A Whiter Shade of Pale”, Procol Harum – Submitted by: Jerry Pedrotti

“A British band in the sixties which is often overlooked but its innovative use combining rock music with orchestra is worthy of respect.”