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Grammy Camp – Jazz Session


Jazz Session

Friends of Jazz,

GRAMMY Camp–Jazz Session will not take place for the 2023 season. To those who have participated in and to those who have supported the program over the past 29 years, we express our appreciation. To students who have aspired to join the GRAMMY Band, Choir, or Combo, we express our encouragement that you continue to find ways to grow and perform.

GRAMMY Jazz program is an expensive program to operate. Although there is no way to know what the future holds, we are hopeful that the program will in time be reinstated and this will be remembered as a brief hiatus..

There remain both regional and national resources and activities for high school jazz performers provided by other excellent organizations. We encourage students to research these opportunities online and participate as much as possible. If you have difficulty finding these on your own, you may reach out directly to us and we will try to help.

Comments and questions can be sent to Julie Mutnansky


With the help of your generous support, we can continue to share the gift of music.