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The Member Playlist – 4th Edition


Curated by members of the GRAMMY Museum, the third edition of the Member Playlist is now available on Spotify. Thank you to everyone who helped put this week’s list together!

To learn more about Membership at the GRAMMY Museum, including levels and benefit, please visit our Membership page.

We’re updating the playlist bi-monthly, so please continue to check back! This week’s songs were chosen by the following Members:

  1. “Dim Star of the Palisades”, Birds of Chicago – Submitted by: Bess Petlak

“First saw them on Woodsongs on PBS, amazing. Allison Russell also plays clarinet, banjo & other string instruments in addition to having a lovely voice.”

  1. “Beautiful Stranger”, Herman Rodriguez – Submitted by: Herman Rodriguez
  2. “Summer of Sorcery”, Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul – Submitted by: Craig Harzmann

“This song was released about a year ago. It brings back some very fond memories — birthdays, concerts, sporting events, and vacations — I shared with my boys last year. Given its message of discovery and optimism, it provides some much-needed positive vibes these days.”

  1. “Mediterranean Sundance”, Al Di Meola, John Mclaghlin, Paco de Lucia – Submitted by: Jeffrey Kerezman
  2. “Uneventul Days”, Beck – Submitted by: Joanne Peressini

“Each moment we are home inside our heads. It seems like forever that we’re in this, but it will be temporary. Hope is on the horizon.”

  1. “My Old School”, Steely Dan – Submitted by: Rico Topazio
  2. “Dazed and Confused”, Led Zeppelin – Submitted by: Karen St. Claire

“Dazed and Confused” is a moving song that resonates a haunting rock vibe. In 12/8 time, this moving song captures the epitome of classic heavy rock in eerie etheric hypnotic sound.”

  1. “The Hands that Built America”, U2 – Submitted by: Susan Holt
  2. “Beneath the Skin”, Scarypoolparty – Submitted by: Jaime Mariscal

“This is one of the most unique songs I’ve heard. The version on the album features Scarypoolparty’s piano skills and incredible composing skills. Just on a side note the Belasco first night performance of this song is incredible as well as the San Diego performance.”

  1. “I Can Read Your Mind”, Dona Maria – Submitted by: Dona Maria