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Meet This Week’s Featured Staff Member: LeeAnn Leon


This week, we are shining the spotlight on our Guest Services Associate, LeeAnn, to learn more about who she is and what she is listening to!

What are your favorite genres of music?

My favorite genres of music are Pop, Alternative Rock, and Jazz.

Do you play an instrument, if so, what and for how long?

I have been playing the guitar and bass for over 10 years and drums for 5!

What appeals to you about music?
I think over the years I’ve gone through different phases when it comes to what appeals to me about music. When I was a kid, it was an artist’s image and what crazy things they did in their music videos (when TV actually played music videos). In my teens being the typical band geek performance snob I was, it was more about the difficulty and how intricate the melodies and rhythms of the music were, (also intonation, sheesh)! Now I’m very into the production choices and artist’s story on how they developed their music! Who knows what I’ll be into next!

First concert you attended?

My very first concert (that I’ll publicly admit to) was The Killers in 2013 at the Los Angeles Sports Arena during their Battle Born Tour!

Listen to LeeAnn’s Top 10 Songs, and 10 jazz songs inspired by our Amy Winehouse exhibit, as featured in the GRAMMY Museum Weekly Staff Picks playlist: