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Meet This Week’s Featured Staff Member: Julie Mutnansky


This week, we are shining the spotlight on our Project Manager of Education, Julie, to learn more about who she is and what she is listening to!

What are your favorite genres of music?

Rock, Alternative, Indie, Pop Punk, Electronic

Do you play an instrument, if so, what and for how long? If not, is there an instrument you’ve always wanted to learn?

I play the drums! I’ve been playing percussion instruments since I was about 10 years old. I’ve always wanted to learn the mandolin, which I have, but haven’t taken the time to learn yet!

What appeals to you about music?

I love that music is a universal language, and that it’s nearly impossible to find anyone who doesn’t at least “like” music. I like that it has the ability to bring out different emotions, as well as memories connected to different stages of life.

First Concert You Attended?

Backstreet Boys in Phoenix when I was 12!

Listen to Julie’s Top 10 Songs, and 10 songs inspired by Museum exhibits, as featured in the GRAMMY Museum Weekly Staff Picks playlist: