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GRAMMY Museum and Rock & Roll Forever Foundation Present: The Reclamation of the Cowboy


How has the image and history of the American cowboy been reclaimed in the 21st Century? In this lesson you will: Trace the evolution of the cowboy from a working-class ranch hand to a symbol of American masculinity; Examine the roles of President Theodore Roosevelt and “Buffalo Bill” Cody in developing the romantic image of the American West; Listen to the music that often accompanied Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show; Discover the reclamation of the cowboy and cowboy culture through actual cowboys such as the Compton Cowboys, fashion brands such as Telfar and Pyer Moss, and artists of color such as Mitski, Solange, Lil Nas X, Los Tigres del Norte, Joan Sebastian, and Christian Nodal.


Age Group: Grades 9 – 12